Welcome to Polish Song and Dance Ensemble Lajkonik located in Sydney Australia.


Lajkonik is an Ensemble of people thoroughly passionate about Polish dance, music, folklore and tradition. It strives for performance excellence and professionalism, even though it is an amateur troupe based largely on volunteering. Its repertoire is diverse, exciting and colourful. The Ensemble has been in existence for 27 years and is much-appreciated by both Polish and Australian audiences.

The Artistic Director, Urszula Lang, has led development of the Ensemble from its establishment in 1990. She actively manages the Ensemble with the assistance of a Committee of supportive parents and senior dancers. Urszula has a Diploma in Polish Folk Dance from the UMCS University in Lublin, Poland, a life-time of experience in a diverse range of dance forms, and a Masters Degree in Urban Planning. Both areas of expertise involve spatial planning, and so she blends the two – both on stage in the form of choreography for Polish Folk Dance, and in urban space as a town planner. Urszula is very active on a range of fronts in the Polish Community, and the Vice President of Pol Art Incorporated, an umbrella organisation for all Polish Dance Ensembles in Australia and New Zealand.

Two years ago, the Ensemble relocated to Marayong, a move which has served Lajkonik well as the Ensemble currently has over 50 dancers. The Ensemble is flourishing in Marayong, which we are proud to call our base and home, and where we are an integral and active part of the Polish parish community.

Lajkonik is currently taking applications for membership in 2017. We welcome new members and new talent!


To develop further and fulfil our ambitions, in terms of our artistic team, our costumes, music, choral and dance repertoire, costume storage facilities and group activities for children and youth, Lajkonik needs sponsorship. This can either be of a private nature or corporate and business-oriented. Both types of sponsorship express support for what we do, and we are deeply grateful for all support from the community which we receive.

We believe our beautiful, athletic and performance loving youth and children can offer promotional opportunities for the right corporate sponsors. Happy to talk to appropriate Companies about this!

We will acknowledge any support we receive if this is the wish of the donor.
If you would like to make a donation to Lajkonik, please click here for bank details:

Rehearsals are held at the John Paul II Parish Hall, 116 Quakers Road, Marayong

Junior Group: Sundays, 9 to 10am

Senior Group: Fridays, 7 to 9.30pm

Term and casual payments, by arrangement. For information, please call Ula 0418 265 271